Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Impossible Questions

Lately my 4 year old son has been full of interesting and nearly un-answerable questions.
  • Mom, when the firemen put the fire out, where does the fire go?
  • Mom, why are all the mosquitoes hiding?
  • Mom, why can't I wear flip flops in the snow. My feet won't get cold because I told them not to and they are really good listeners.
  • On my birthday, my husband lit the candles on the cake. My son asked who we should call to put the fire out.
  • Mom, will Dad always be taller than you or will you catch up to him if you eat your carrots?
  • So this summer when I play soccer, can I wear my shin-guards on my arms instead of my legs?
  • When I go to school, can I just start in 2nd grade or do I need to go to Kindergarten first?

You gotta love their innocence. Althought busy, I do what I can to enjoy these moments!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you have either a scientist or a comedian on your hands. Time will tell.