Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Impossible Questions

Lately my 4 year old son has been full of interesting and nearly un-answerable questions.
  • Mom, when the firemen put the fire out, where does the fire go?
  • Mom, why are all the mosquitoes hiding?
  • Mom, why can't I wear flip flops in the snow. My feet won't get cold because I told them not to and they are really good listeners.
  • On my birthday, my husband lit the candles on the cake. My son asked who we should call to put the fire out.
  • Mom, will Dad always be taller than you or will you catch up to him if you eat your carrots?
  • So this summer when I play soccer, can I wear my shin-guards on my arms instead of my legs?
  • When I go to school, can I just start in 2nd grade or do I need to go to Kindergarten first?

You gotta love their innocence. Althought busy, I do what I can to enjoy these moments!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Post - An Introduction

Since this is my first post, I thought an introduction would make sense. I'm a mom of three who also works full time. I'm completely devoted to both my family and my career, but continually try to find a better balance between the two.

Working outside the home and having a family is a constant battle. Shortly after my third child, I found that I always felt guilty. Guilty for not putting in the extra hours at work when others could, and then later guilty for working late and not spending enough time with my family.

I've found a better balance after setting limits and priorities. My limitations now include leaving work on time. It doesn't happen all the time, but a lot more often. I've found that setting creating that boundary also made me more productive in the office.

At home, I had to change my expectations. Life is easier and more enjoyable when we spend time with the kids. In the crazy, busy work week, they act up to get our attention. When we choose them first, we all have a better night. And amazingly enough, the dishes can be done after they go to bed!

Going forward this blog will be about my family, a very normal Midwest family with some crazy moments. It will be about life's lessons along the way, learning as my children grow, and finding the balance between work and family and somehow enjoying both.